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KPD detectives caution: don't be a target of opportunity. Lock your car doors.

KPD Detective Lieutenant Paul Bershefski wishes people would click their key fobs more often. "Even if you enjoy a sense of security living in a nice neighborhood, it only takes a moment for a thief to walk by and notice your car unlocked. I would estimate that 95% of our car burglaries last year were the result of the public leaving their car doors unlocked," Bershefski said.

Seen as a crime of opportunity, the lieutenant recounted watching home surveillance videos of thieves walking down the street trying door handles and looking for an easy mark. "A thief could be on and off your block in the matter of minutes -- they're quick -- and if you're one of the unlucky folks who didn't lock their car doors, you've just become a quick score," Bershefski cautioned.

Recent reports have shown that thieves have only gotten a smattering of coins in some cases, but in others they've found things more valuable like wallets, cell phones, personal information, or even a weapon. "The Detective Bureau wants you to be a hard target rather than a target of opportunity," said Bershefski. "Don't store valuables or coins in your car, or if you do, move them out of view. And don't forget to click those key fobs."

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